Residential Fire Erupts in Bradford, Pa.

On May 7, the Bradford City Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire at 6 Kane Street at 2:47 p.m. Fire Chief Chris Angell confirmed a working fire in a two and one half story wooden frame residence and requested a second alarm.

Responding on the initial alarm were Tower 1, a 75-foot tower ladder with a 2,000-gpm pump and Engine 1, a 1,500-gpm pumper with six firefighters. Tower 1 laid a 300-foot, five-inch hydrant supply line from a hydrant on Congress Street. Engine 1 was staged on South Avenue.

Firefighters stretched a 150-foot, 1 3/4-inch attack line to the "B" side of the house to protect the exposed residence only three feet away while another crew advanced another 150 foot, one and three quarter inch attack line into the interior.

Responding on the second alarm were 10 off-duty city firefighters with Engine 2, a 1,250-gpm pumper, three ambulances and a medic unit. Bradford Township Volunteer Fire Department responded with Rescue/Engine 151, a 1,500-gpm pumper and 15 firefighters. The recently organized Bradford Area Rapid Intervention Team (BRIT) also responded to the scene.

An additional 150-foot, 1 3/4-inch attack line was placed into operation on the second floor. A ventilation crew cut two ventilation holes in the roof to aid interior firefighting operations. Firefighters were on scene for two and one half hours.

The origin and cause of the fire are under investigation by a Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal.