Five Injured in Missouri Crash

Five people were transported from a two vehicle crash involving a rolled over truck in Lampee on Aug. 10 

Crews from the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District Stations 15, 3 and Medic 74 were dispatched for a single vehicle accident with unknown injuries. Soon after, Central Dispatch upgraded the incident advising a single vehicle overturned with entrapment.

Medic 74 arrived on scene and advised that they had four patients and requested a second EMS unit and Medic 73 from the Branson West station, with a medevac from Life Line 1. Duty Chief Carl Veneziano also requested that Rescue 6016 be added to the assignment to assist with the entrapment.

Engine 6035 arrived and began assisting EMS with patient care.

Fire Marshal Creswell arrived on scene and assumed command of the incident updating dispatch with five patients and no entrapment. Rescue 6016 was cancelled.

Medic 73 began triage of the remaining patients as Medic 74 was committed to the critical patient. The triage of the patients revealed one critical, one with moderate injuries and three with minor injuries.  A third EMS unit was also requested summonsing the last Mercy unit from Branson West.

Engines 6153 and 6043 provided standby coverage at the landing zone.

Chief Veneziano assumed an operations role assisting with patient care and overall management of the scene. A tarp was set up over the patients to shield them from intense sun and temperatures. 

All patients were treated and transported. Four were transported by ground and one was flown out.