Dryer Ignites Minn. House Fire

An early morning fire that that was sparked by a laundry dryer spread through the walls of a St. Paul home and forced crews to conduct a defensive attack on Dec. 11.

Units from Station 18 arrived to find heavy smoke from a 1 1/2-story home at 427 LaFond Avenue just before 3 a.m. Firefighters working inside the home found spreading through the walls and on each floor. Multiple handlines were placed into operation to try and contain the fire.

As crews found heavy fire in the basement and reported holes burned through the floor, they were pulled from the home for a defensive attack.

Multiple hoselines and and one aerial ladder were used to place the fire under control.

Units remained on scene for several hours opening up the voids to contain the hidden fire that spread through the walls.

A total of four engines, two ladders, two chiefs, two rescue squads and one medic responded to the scene.