Mo. Shop Fire Started by Pellet Stove

A shop packed with wire and other combustible materials caught fire in Ruth A on Dec. 23.

Assistant Chief Keith Wolven advised that he had a 30-by-20-foot garage with smoke showing on Boston Farms Lane off of State Highway 248 near the Taney County Line.

Firefighters from Stations 1, 6, 8, and 11 as well as 610 and mutual aid from Western Taney County Fire District were summoned to the scene.

The first attack crew found high heat and a significant amount of fire from the building, which is used as as a storage facility for an electrical contractor. It was full of wire and combustible metals and crews were also advised that there were propane tanks, gas cans, and gas powered equipment inside the structure.

Crews had a difficult time with one area of the fire that contained magnesium and aluminum-based light bulbs and operations were switched to foam.

The cause is believed to be the pellet stove that was in operation in the shop before the fire was discovered.