Del. Firefighters Tackle Building Fire

On Dec. 26, 2012 at 9:02 p.m. the Carlisle Fire was dispatched to a commercial building fire in the 100 block of South Walnut Street. During the initial dispatch from Kent Center the incident was reported to be a working alarm resulting in Kent County Station 52 and Sussex County Station 75 dispatched for cover up.

Command 42 responded with (42-21 Captain Hinton) at 9:04  and upon arrival reported a three-story wood-frame commercial building with heavy smoke showing from the Charlie/Delta sides of the structure and established "Warren Furniture Command."

Engine 42-4 responded (with 42-18 Assistant Chief Griffith in command) and they were assigned  to take the hydrant at the corner of South Walnut and South East Front Streets and to lay a five-inch supply line to the Charlie/Delta corner of the building and place two 1 3/4-inch hoselines in service.

Engine 4's crew made access into the first floor of the building advising heavy smoke and heat conditions.

A second alarm was sounded redirecting the initial cover up assignments to the scene as well as additional resources including Stations 50, 49, 47 and 40.

Ladder 42 responded (with 42-20 Captain Konesey) and was positioned approximately mid-way on the Delta side with the assignment to ladder the roof of the building. Ground ladders were placed in to service at several key access locations on the Delta side requiring additional handlines be placed in service from Engine 4. A total of five 1 3/4-inch hose lines were in service from Engine 4.

Engine 5 responded ( with 42-17 Assistant Chief Vanaman) to the Alpha side of the building by making access from Causey Avenue. Upon arrival two additional 1 3/4-inc handlines was placed in to operation as  firefighters began advancing inside on the first floor from the Alpha side.

Tanker 42 was assigned to hook up to a hydrant on Causey Avenue and lay a five-inch supply line to support Engine 5's operations on the Alpha side. As crews continued working their way through the building it was evident the bulk of the fire was in the rear of the building and extending up into the second and third floors divisions.

Rescue 42 was assigned to refill breathing apparatus and illuminate the fire command area. Engine Company 75 established a draft at the Mispillion River west of the fire scene in the event additional water sources would be required.

Additional ground ladders were placed into service along the Alpha side of the building to allow crews access on to the roof of an adjacent building to determine if the threat of extensions existed from the fire building. Aggressive ventilation efforts undertaken by breaking large panes of glass near the Alpha/Delta sides of the building. Tower 50 began breached the Alpha side by using K-12 saws cutting into the building facade of Division 2 to provide additional ventilation and improve visibility for the crews working on the second and third floor divisions

A third alarm was sounded bringing additional assets to the scene and to cover stations

At the height of the incident 10 engines, three ladders, three rescues, several ambulances, SCEMS 101, several utility trucks, the Kent County Command Unit and approximately 125 firefighters were in service.

During the initial alarm cover up, Stations 78 and 54 responded to two other alarms in the district including a mobile home fire and alarm bells sounding.

The scene was declared under control at 11:52 p.m. and firefighters were back in quarters by 2 a.m.