High Winds Fuel Texas Three Alarmer

The San Antonio Fire Department was called to a structure fire at the Woodhollow Apartments, located near the San Antonio International Airport, around 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 25. 

The fire originated on the first floor of a 36-unit apartment building and flames quickly spread. A red flag warning was in effect that day due to sustained winds in the city of 20-30 mph. 

The building was evacuated and a second alarm was called within about five minutes. A second, smaller building which was located less than 10 feet away from the building of origin was also evacuated.

Crews initially started offensive operations but were forced defensive once the wind kicked up the fire spread. A third Alarm was called about 30 minutes into the incident.

There were multiple wall collapses and exterior division supervisors maintained collapse zones and kept all personnel and resources safe.

Despite the high winds, crews were able to not only keep the flames isolated to the one building, but also make a successful stop within the building and save the contents of about nine apartment units.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Units on scene:BC8, E28, E17, E31, E23, L17, L14, BC7, BC6, E19, E14, E37, E06, L37, L06, FSC, MOF1, AC26, M19, HR11, E11, FSO, BC5, SQ37, M31, AP11, BC4, BC1, E48, E03, E05, E24, AP32, L46, MOF2, CMD1, MSC, BT48, E39, M14, XAR01, XAR09, M17, MOF3, AP38, E40, M24

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