Photo Story: Ore. Crews Called to Landing Gear Mishap

A Lear Jet with five people on board landed safely on May 28 after the pilot discovered his front landing gear had not deployed correctly.

Hillsboro Fire and Rescue was called to standby for the incident at the Hillsboro Airport at 2:53 pm.

The pilot made several passes at low altitude so experts could determine whether the nose gear was down properly and the wheel appeared to be deployed at an odd angle.

The pilot aborted his landing attempt for a period of time to burn off more than half of his estimated 8,000 pounds of fuel.

When the aircraft landed, the pilot was able to maintain control of the aircraft until it made a complete stop on the runway.

Hillsboro Fire Department crews ensured no one was injured and there was no fire or other problems with the aircraft. They cleared from the scene at about 4:30 pm when an aircraft tow arrived to remove the aircraft from the runway.