Photo Story: Electrical Fire Spreads Through Fla. Home

Several residents were left homeless after a Aug. 22 house fire in Plantation. 

Plantation firefighters were called to the residence at 500 NW 43rd Avenue.

Firefighters arrived within five minutes to find the fire, which was reported at about 10:00 p.m., through the roof of the single-family home.

The 13 residents of the home, which included 11 children, were all able to escape safely, Fire Chief Laney Stearns said.

Approximately 50 firefighters took about 20 minutes to extinguish the flames and there were no injuries.

According to the Florida State Fire Marshal's Office, the homeowner reported a lightning strike about two weeks prior which caused continual electrical problems. The power went out earlier in the evening and they smelled smoke.

The Red Cross provided the family with assistance.

Units on scene: E-25, E-225, E 56, Rescue 25, E 76, Support 25, Utility 56, BCs 1,2,3,6, Chief 1,2,3, Snorkel 56, Broward County Canteen