Photo Story: Storm Creates Mudslide in Utah Town

A late night rain storm caused flooding in the town of Alpine on Aug. 22.

The storm created a two-foot wall of mud debris from two canyons located above the town. The problem was due to a wildland fire in July of 2012 that destroyed vegetation in the rugged, mountainous terrain.

The storm dropped a half-inch of water in 30 minutes.

One home was flooded with 18 inches of mud and water that broke through a basement window. Many yards were damaged.

Lone Peak Fire District crews worked throughout the night pumping out basements and preparing for the next round of rain. City workers concentrated on cleaning out debris basins that had been constructed to control water after the wildland fire.

The efforts of the city, prior to the event, were a major reason the damage wasn't worse.

The citizens of Alpine converged on the area to fill sandbags to direct the future flow of rain that was in the forecast for the week to follow.