Photo Story: Detroit Building Collapses During Blaze

As Detroit firefighters battled an intense building fire on Aug. 29, the two-story building collapsed into a pile of burning rubble.

Engine 27 and Ladder 22 arrived along with Chief 7 and found heavy smoke and fire from the vacant hardware store. An extra engine and truck were ordered.

Engine 27 stretched their bundle and an extra 2 12/2-inch line and laid to a hydrant at the opposite corner of the block. Engine 42 arrived and dumped their monitor at which time a draumatic change in smoke condition was noted.

Engine 33 reversed a supply line to Ladder 22 while Engine 42 hooked to the plug at Military and Michigan preparing to put their monitor into service.

As firefighters began flowing water, a sudden and full collapse of the brick, steel and frame building occured causing firefighters to run from the street to avoid falling debris.

At this time, the aerial was placed in operation and additional resources were arriving.

Units on scene: E-27, 33, L-22, S-4, Ch-7, E-29, 42, L-8, 7, Ch-203