Photo Story: Fire Spreads Through N.H. Home

A four-alarm fire started in the basement of a New Durham and quickly spread through the walls.

A call to the New Durham firefighters on Dec. 27 for smoke in a building erupted into a four-alarm fire.

Firefighters knocked down a dryer fire, but quickly learned that the fire had started to spread through the balloon-frame construction. The antique Cape-style house dated to the early 1800's. Flames rapidly spread to the second floor and through the roof, making smoke plumes that were seen from miles away.

The incident was hampered by a number of factors, including temperatures around 20 degrees and a strong cross wind. The closest hydrant was located over one mile away. 

A total of four alarms were struck, bringing firefighters from Milton, Rochester, Gilmanton and Wakefield. 

The fire was declared under control three hours later.