Photo Story: Wash. Crews Get Quick Knock

At 1:50 p.m. on March 7, Yakima fire crews were dispatched to a structure fire in the heart of the city known for it's historic homes. 

Battalion 91 found heavy fire showing from side C of the structure. The house was a 5,700-square-foot, two-story with a basement built in 1910.

Engine 94 was ordered to perform a transitional attack to protect a detached garage in the rear of the structure.

Engine 91 and Engine 95 were assigned to perform fire attack and a primary search of the structure.  Engine 92 was assigned as RIT.

The ire was quickly knocked down from the interior.

With balloon-frame construction and sawdust insullation, crews immediately went into overhaul stage. Truck 91 was sent to the roof to overhaul the attack areaw hich had quickly become involved due to the insulation.

Due to the aggressive overhaul crews were able to keep fire damage to the room and attic space preventing extension to the upper floors.

The house was valued at over $300,000.

Units on scene: Engine 91, Engine 95, Engine 93, Engine 94, Engine 92, Truck 91, Battalion 91, Rehab 90