The Average Jake's Views from the Jumpseat: Complacency & Fire Service Goals

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This new monthly podcast, hosted by Robert Owens and Ryan Pennington, brings together the views of two well-known fire service bloggers to express the concerns and experiences of the backseat rider.  

Owens, the author of the Average Jake Firefighter blog, is a career firefighter in Henrico County, VA. Pennington, a Contributing Editor, is the author of Views from the Jumpseat blog on and his own Views From the Jumpseat blog.

In this first episode, these two talk about everything from the first day on the job, until the time comes to climb the ladder during the promotional process. 

Listen as they discuss how complacency is catching firefighters off guard and can result in a unfavorable outcome. They share how being jumpseat-ready and always expecting a fire are the first steps in being combat ready.

The two also share their personal goals for the fire service.