FotoLum Reflective & Photo Luminescent Vinyl Fire Service Products Provide Improved Safety for First Responders.

FotoLum Reflective & Photo Luminescent Vinyl Fire Service Products Provide
Improved Safety for First Responders.

Fire Fighters are a special breed apart. When everyone is running out of a
burning building to save their own lives, fire fighters run in, risking
theirs to save others. The lethal dangers inherent in dark, smoky spaces are
many. Teamwork is critical for survival and success. A key component in
teamwork is knowing where everyone is located.

FotoLum -- a leading manufacturer of propriety high-grade photo luminescent
vinyl combined with 3M light reflective overlay and 3M double backed
adhesive designed for fire applications -- has already proven that its
products save lives. FotoLum photo luminescent and reflective helmet
patches, crescents, equipment and SCBA strips perform at such a high level,
fire departments using them attest to their effectiveness. 3M's quality
adhesive eliminates edge-curling on the patches.

Here's what one fire fighter had to say: "I have been using the new helmet
decals you gave us for a while now. I have had a chance to observe them at 2
fires that we had. In a dark smoke filled apartment fire we had, they were
the only thing visible on the firefighters beside me. I have been impressed
with their visibility and would recommend them to anyone interested in
wearing them."
Roger Joyner -- Dallas Fire/Rescue (Please visit for more testimonials)

FotoLum™ fire service products take safety to the next level by illuminating
for hours. By applying the products to uniforms and equipment, entry team
members can maintain visual contact in low light and dark, smoky conditions
without depending upon a flashlight.

The USA-made FotoLum™ fire helmet trapezoids shown brightly on FDNY helmets
in the safe rescue of passengers from US Airways Flight 1549 Airbus after
its emergency landing in the Hudson River, January 15, 2009, and have played
key safety roles in fire departments around the country.
FotoLum Fire Service Photo Luminescent /3M Reflective Products include:

Helmet Patches Helmet Crescents Letters and Number for Identification
SCBA Cylinder Patches Equipment Strips Custom Velcro backed Shields

All products feature superior performance:
Charge in any natural or artificial light source Fully charged products glow for hours Illumination of patches allow team members to maintain visual contact Retro-reflective overlay provides a bright white flash to any direct light source

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