Cutters Edge Introduces Black Lightning™ Bi-Directional Speed Diamond Cutting Blade

February, 2008 - Cutters Edge has introduced a new High Speed Diamond Cutting Rotary Saw Blade they have named The Black Lightning.

This new blade fits all rotary saws and is available in 12", 14" and 16" sizes. According to Tom Ruzich, President of Cutters Edge:

"The unique features of our new blade include an In-Line Cooling Port design that enables faster and cooler cutting in any material and the exclusive Bi-Directional cutting capability is the result of the perpendicular gullet design that allows safe cutting in either rotational direction, enhancing safety, cutting speed and blade life."

The Black Lightning blade uses a special Vacuum Brazing process to permanently bond the cutting diamonds to the substrate and exposes up to 30% more of the diamond cutting surface for better cutting performance, cooler operation and longer blade life.

For more information on The Black Lightning Diamond Cutting Blade contact Cutters Edge Toll Free: 1-800-433-3716.