Provides Solutions to Top Threats Facing EMS Professionals and Globe are working together to produce and distribute Globe's latest EMS outerwear designed to protect against threatening pathogens including; blood, body fluid, and common chemicals.

Coatesville, PA - October 31, 2012: understands two major risks facing EMS include exposure to dangerous pathogens and the risk of being struck by a vehicle while working roadway accidents. Globe LifeLine EMS RESCUE mitigates these by incorporating today's advanced technological solutions into their NFPA compliant outerwear.

When looking to invest in the next generation of EMS duty gear don't cut corners or buy a lower level of protection. and Globe are working together to produce and distribute Globe's latest EMS outerwear designed to protect against threatening pathogens including; blood, body fluid, and common chemicals. In addition the EMS RESCUE jacket, coat and pants combat flash fire threats and visibility concerns that are among the major risks facing EMS providers today.

EMS RESCUE Jacket and Coat: Construction and Components

Both the jacket and coat are NFPA 1999 Compliant, meeting and exceeding NFPA 1999: 2008 Edition. This is the standard on protective clothing for Emergency Medical incidents. Both the jacket and coat provide protection from exposure to blood and body fluids in accordance with this standard.

The proven outer shell is the first line of defense by offering flash fire protection. Additionally the lightweight and rugged 6 oz. NOMEX® lllA is treated with a Shelltite™ durable water repellent finish for weather and stain resistance. 3M SCOTCHLITE™ reflective lime/yellow triple-trim material addresses day/night visibility concerns. The front closure includes double storm flaps secured by hook and loop fastener covers the strong and smooth sliding polymer zipper. The collar zips up to the top for weather protection or lays down flat for ventilation. Sleeve cuffs have adjustable straps for protection against the elements.

The CROSSTECH® EMS fabric liner is a bi-component membrane that is laminated to lightweight, texturized polyester, woven fabric. This fabric is highly breathable while providing durable liquid penetration resistance to blood, body fluids, and water, providing performance unmatched by any other liquid barrier. This free hanging liner system is more flexible and allows for customization of the separate outer shell fabric layer without penetrating the CROSSTECH® EMS barrier.

All seams and stitching through the lining are sealed utilizing the latest technology from W.L. Gore & Associates, including GORE-SEAM® tape. Structural seams are sewn with an over lock safety -stitch, and all other stitching uses a single-needle lock-stitch for extra strength and longer service life. Under arm zippers serve as inspection ports for the protective barrier and also allow for customization of the Outer Shell without compromising the integrity of the membrane.

EMS RESCUE Jacket and Coat: Function and Comfort

Freedom of movement in the jacket and coat comes from the drop-shoulder design. The shoulder seam is moved out beyond the shoulder for a comfortable reach and stretch. Also prevents the jacket from riding up when arms are raised. The contoured 2-piece sleeves are ergonomically curved to follow the natural shape of the arm thus work with - not against movement.

There are plenty of pockets including lower cargo pockets with 2 expansion pleats that have integral hand warmer pockets set behind. A special pencil/ penlight pocket is set in the left lower pocket and a radio pocket is on right chest. An inside security pocket keeps critical contents dry. Shoulder straps are placed in ideal locations for attaching external microphones.
EMS RESCUE Pants: Construction and Components

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