Dedication 1/12

This month’s Firehouse® is dedicated to Firefighter Charles Sparks, 49, of the Adair County, KY, Volunteer Fire Department; Fire Police Lieutenant John Lackovic, 60, of the Valley Forge, PA, Volunteer Fire Company; Firefighter Travis Lee Miller, 31, of the Waterloo-Grant Township, IN, Fire Department; Firefighter Deon Jason Classay, 42, of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fort Apache Agency, in Whiteriver, AZ; Firefighter Gaston Gagne, 46, of the Baytown, TX, Fire Department; Captain Jeffrey Scott Bowen, 37, of the Asheville, NC, Fire Department; and Captain Kyle King, 53, of the Perry, OK, Fire Department, who died in the line of duty, July 2011.