Apparatus Builders Gain Traction in Market Place

If the first two quarters of 2013 are any indication, apparatus builders should see healthier numbers this year.

And Rosenbauer hit this year running. By the close of 2012, it had received its 500 order for the company’s brand new Commander cab and chassis based apparatus.

It was a remarkable milestone considering the ground up, Rosenbauer-designed custom cab and chassis had been introduced the same year. The fire service isn’t typically that eager to embrace first-offs of anything, never mind something as capital as a new cabs and chassis. The fact that it has is a testimony to the company’s growing reputation and the quality of the product and its design.

The Commander cab and chassis is built in Rosenbauer’s Wyoming, Minn., and elevates the company to a status of being a truly sole-source apparatus provider as the company manufacturers its own pumps as well.

It seems evidence shows the apparatus market is gaining traction and we can hope it shifts gears and picks up speed in the third and fourth quarter.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed.