Recall -- What Happened This Past Week

The week started with a not so routine house fire in Oregon City.

The homeowner opened his door and shot Oregon City Reserve Police Officer Robert Libke just above the eye.

Firefighters and others were held at bay as the man retreated back into his burning home.

The gravely injured officer remained where he fell for more than 90 minutes before he reached an ambulance. He died the next day.'s Ed Ballam reminds officials that the AFG application period is now open. Don't put it off. Get that document together.

Read what he has to say.

Also this week, the firefighters in Ohio and Maryland are mourning the loss of two men who gave their all for their communities.

Sycamore Township Lt. James Michael Hill, 52, died at home after responding to a call during his previous shift.

And, on Thursday, a fire police officer from Maryland died of injuries sustained last month when he was hit by a car while directing traffic.

When the hearse carrying Fire Police Capt. David Barr Jr. left the hospital, it was escorted by fire, rescue and police vehicles.

 Two important studies were released this week.

One verifies what firefighters have been saying for decades – they have a higher risk for cancers.

Researchers examined mortality and health records of firefighters in three major cities. Read the study.

Firefighters in Tualatin, Ore.  are changing their menus choosing veggies and other healthy choices over pizza and fast food. Take a look at what they are doing.

The focus on safety appears to have had an impact as the NFPA’s annual report shows the fewest number of firefighter injuries since 1981.

Researchers determined that 31,490 or 45.4% of all firefighter injuries occurred during fire ground operations. An estimated 13,820 occurred during other on duty activities, 4,190 while responding/returning from an incident; 7,140 during training activities, and 12,760 occurred at non-fire emergency incidents.

Speaking of safety, two Tulsa firefighters were demoted after a probe of a crash involving two engines.

Officers determined the driver of Engine 3 ran a red light. He and the officer aboard were both demoted one rank. There were no injuries. But both engines remain out of service.