New Products 7/12

July 1, 2012

Engine Rescue With Digital Panel

KME has introduced the KME Engine Rescue, featuring a compact, all-digital pump-panel display. For simplified pump operations and maintenance, the display provides both pressure and flow readings and a central controller for all valves to minimize cost. All body compartments are 29 inches deep and full height for 496 cubic feet of storage capacity. Ladders are stored in a fully enclosed compartment at frame-rail height to allow deployment at waist height and protect the ladder in storage. The primary hosebed is approximately 47 inches above the rear step, providing access from ground level.

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Wireless Headset System

DAVID CLARK CO. introduces a line of wireless communication products and systems that offer greater freedom, safety and awareness and clear communication for firefighters and rescue personnel. Personnel can move about without being tethered to vehicles or apparatus. Components include headsets in a variety of styles, wireless belt stations and gateways – all designed to stand up to the harshest environments. Wireless systems are compatible with David Clark Series 3800 wired systems and most HF, VHF and UHF radios.

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Chemical Protective Suit

DRÄGER has introduced the Dräger CPS 7900, a chemical protective suit that provides a high standard of protection against industrial chemicals, biological agents and other toxic substances. Designed for use in explosive areas and hazmat situations, the gas-tight offers high puncture and flame resistance. The protection provided by the suit results from the use of an innovative new material called D-mex, which is constructed with five layers of protective fabric. The middle layer is made of a tear-proof inner material.

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Floating Pump

DARLEY and BRIGGS & STRATTON have introduced a lighter and more durable version of the Dolphin floating pump for use in streams, ponds and swimming pools. Key enhancements include a more robust PTO bearing, improved starting, lighter weight and tool-free filter maintenance. The overall pump size remains 33 inches long, 30 inches wide and 20 inches high. At 106 pounds, the pump is easily carried by two people through even the roughest terrain. The pump is powered by a Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt engine.

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Pre-Fire Diagramming Software

CAD ZONE INC. has introduced EASY PLAN pre-fire diagramming software that lets fire service personnel create accurate, detailed diagrams from satellite photos in five minutes or less. A tool for locating and importing satellite photos is combined with features for outlining structures, placing text and dimensions and adding pre-drawn symbols on top of the aerial view. Users can obtain recent satellite images via Microsoft Bing Maps by entering an address or building name. The pre-fire diagram is drawn on top of the aerial image.

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Rescue Strut

RES-Q-JACK INC. has introduced the SUPER X, the newest addition to the patented X-Strut product line of stabilization and lifting struts. With the highest working load of all Res-Q-Jack struts, the SUPER X is ideal for heavy rescue, but can also quickly stabilize and lift a small vehicle. Featuring threaded collars in place of the standard X-Strut cone pins, the SUPER X is easy to use and fast to deploy. And it’s not just effective for vehicle extrication – it’s also rugged enough for structural collapse, trench and mine rescue.

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