New Deliveries 10/14

Oct. 1, 2014

PETERSBURG, VA, FIRE AND EMS has taken delivery of a KME custom flex pumper built on KME Predator Severe Service XMFD chassis. The apparatus features a 450-hp Cummins ISL9 engine, Allison 3000EVS transmission, 1,500-gpm Waterous CSU-C20 pump, 500-gallon poly water tank, Task Force Tips Extend-A-Gun deck gun with Crossfire monitor, Whelen light package, David Clark intercom system, H.O. Bostrom seats and ROM rollup doors.

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THE METRO NORTH FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT in St. Louis County, MO, has taken delivery of a Rosenbauer EXT pumper built on a Rosenbauer Commander chassis powered by a 500-hp Cummins ISX engine with an Allison 4000EVS transmission. Components include a 1,500-gpm Waterous S100 pump, 750-gallon UPF poly water tank, 50-gallon poly foam tank, FoamPro 2001 foam system and Task Force Tips Monsoon electric remote-control deck gun.

Photo by Joel Gebet

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THE SONOMA VALLEY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT in Sonoma, CA, has taken delivery of an HME 34D-Type III apparatus built on an International/Navistar Model 7400 chassis. The unit is outfitted with a 330-hp MaxxForce 9 engine, Allison 3000EVS transmission, Darley JMP-500 pump, 500-gallon poly water tank, FoamPro 1600 foam system, 20-gallon foam tank, HME Hydra Technology, Hannay booster reel and Sigtronics intercom system.

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THE ROCKY RIDGE VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY in Frederick County, MD, has taken delivery of a Pierce pumper built on a Frieghtliner SD chassis powered by a 350-hp Cummins engine with an Allison EVS3000 transmission. The unit features a front-mounted 1,250-gpm Darley pump, 500-gallon UPF Poly Tank III water tank, Kussmaul Auto Eject, Seats Inc. 911 seating, six-kilowatt Harrison generator, Gortite shutters, Voyager rear camera, Hannay electric reel, Zico swing-down ladder rack and Whelen Pioneer LED lighting.

Photo by Dennis C. Sharpe

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THE CHIPPEWA FIRE DISTRICT in Chippewa Falls, WI, has taken delivery of a Darley custom CAFS pumper built on a Spartan Metro Star chassis specified with a 20-inch raised roof to allow for the Darley Vision Command Cab to be constructed with interior pump panel controls. Components include a 1,500-gpm Darley LDMBC pump with AutoCAFS, 1,000-gallon poly water tank, 30-gallon foam tank and 10-kilowatt Onan generator.

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THE BRADFORD CITY, PA, FIRE DEPARTMENT recently placed in service a Sutphen Ambassador custom rescue pumper featuring a 450-hp Cummins ISL 9 engine, Allison GEN IV EVS3000 transmission, 2,250-gpm Qmax pump, 750-gallon tank, 1,250-gpm remote-control deck gun, Alco-Lite pumper ladder complement, Safety Vision camera system, Holmatro rescue tools, Will-Burt remote-control light tower, Whelen LED warning lights, 15-kilowatt Smart Power generator and Hannay electric cord reel.

Photo by Jay K. Bradish/IFPA

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