2019 Apparatus Showcase

Nov. 1, 2019
In the 2019 Apparatus Showcase, manufacturers display the latest and greatest in fire-rescue and EMS apparatus.
Boise Mobile Equipment

Franklin County Fire District 3, Pasco, WA, has taken delivery of a new BME Wildland Type 6 apparatus. It is built on a Ford F-550 XL, four-door cab and chassis powered by a 6.8L SOHC EFI V10 engine and a TorqShift 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission. To fight fire, it has a Waterous 500-gpm pump, a Scotty around-the-pump foam system, a Hannay booster reel, a 300-gallon polypropylene tank and an Elkhart Brass Sidewinder electric front bumper monitor. Other equipment includes a Whelen warning light and siren system.


CET Fire Pumps

The Gallup, NM, Fire Department has taken delivery of a CET brush truck built on a Ford F550 extended cab and chassis with a gasoline-powered engine. It has an CET aluminum flatbed body, aluminum compartments, a 300-gallon CET poly tank, a CET fire pump, Model PFP 20-hp HND-MR, Whelen Engineering emergency lights and a CET aluminum custom console. 



Middletown Township, PA, Volunteer Fire Company has taken delivery of a 2019 E-One Typhoon HP78 aerial. It is powered by a Cummins L9 450-hp engine and an Allison 3000EVS transmission. To fight fire, it has a Hale Qmax200-23L single-stage pump, a 500-gallon UPF Poly Tank III with a 30-gallon Class A foam cell, a Hale FoamLogix 5.0 foam system, Class 1 Smart Foam gauge and a Total Pressure Governor. Other features include Bostrom Firefighter seats, FRC Evolution II Scene lights, a Kussmaul auto-eject battery conditioner, and ROM roll-up doors. Other equipment includes Little Giant ladder, SideStacker hose bed, Akron Brass ladder pipe, and a Federal Q2B mechanical siren. Photo by Dennis C. Sharpe



Firefighting crews are some of the most well-organized, tightly controlled teams in the world. Having a plan, the right tools, a team that backs each other up, and reliable equipment are all essential aspects of an effective firefighting team. The final piece is efficient communication, which is where mobile command centers come in. This Extendobed Mobile Command Center can be built for any vehicle and features a radio command center, fold down containment gates, magnetic white boards, and several partitions, compartments, and shelves for optimal organization. Additional customization to meet specific requirements available.



Hauser Lake, ID, Fire Protection District has taken delivery of a modified Firovac Hawk QP unit, built on a military Stewart & Stevenson M1088 chassis. It is powered by a CAT C7 330-hp engine and an Allison MD3070 transmission. To fight fire, it has a Darley HM 500-gpm hydraulic-driven pump with pump and roll capabilities, a Model 500 vacuum pump, a 2,000-gallon aluminum tank, a 2,100-gallon portable tank mounted in a power-down portable tank rack. It also has an Akron Brass "Fire Fox Forestry," style 3462 bumper turret, hose reel and manual pull-down tool board for easy access to equipment. 


Midwest Fire

Parkers Prairie, MN Fire Department has put into service an All-Poly 3,000-gallon tanker-pumper built by Midwest Fire. The apparatus is built on a Freightliner M2-106 chassis and powered by a Cummins L9 350EV hp engine and an Allison 3000EVS transmission. To fight fire, it has a Hale Qflo 1,250-gpm split-shaft pump, a ZICO electric portable tank carrier and a 3,000-gallon portable tank. Other features include Whelen warning lights and siren, and a Kussmaul air and battery conditioner.


Pierce Mfg.

St. Tammany, LA, Fire District No. 2 has taken delivery of a Pierce Impel 75-foot rear-mount aluminum aerial ladder. The apparatus is built on a Pierce Impel cab and chassis with full-height cab doors and a flat roof. It is powered by a Cummins 450-hp L9 engine and an Allison 5th Generation transmission. To fight fire, it has a Waterous midship 1,500-gpm pump, a 500-gallon UPF Poly Tank III with a 20-gallon foam cell, a Trident air primer system, and a Husky 3 foam system. Other features include a Harrison Hydra Gen hydraulic 6,000-watt generator, Whelen warning lights, Hannay electric reels, one front 1.5-inch discharge, short jacking capabilities, and a Federal Q2B mechanical siren.



The District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Washington, DC, took delivery of a Seagrave 95-foot Aerialscope (non-quint). It is built on a full-till Capitol cab and chassis powered by a Cummins ISX 500-hp engine and an Allison 4000EVS transmission. It is equipped with a 10,000-watt Harrison Hydra Gen generator, a stainless-steel body, and Federal Signal LED warning lights. Seagrave is also building pumpers and TDAs for DC. 


Spartan Emergency Response

Hewitt, TX, Fire Department in McLennan County, has taken delivery of a new Spartan 100-foot rear-mount platform aerial on a Spartan Gladiator LFD chassis. It is powered by a Cummins X15 565-hp engine and an Allison 4000EVS transmission. To fight fire, it has a Waterous CSU20 2,000-gpm pump, a 400-gallon water tank with a 30-gallon Class B foam cell, and a Waterous foam system with a foam refill system. Other features include 10,000-watt Harrison Hydra Gen MCR generator, independent front suspension, advance protection system, advanced climate control system and Whelen lighting package.



NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida, has taken delivery of a Sutphen 75-foot SLR 75 rear-mount aerial. The apparatus has a 2,000-gpm pump and a 500-gallon tank with a 30-gallon foam cell. The new aerial is the first of two Sutphen aerials headed to NASA's Brevard County location. It will be joined by an SPH 112 aerial that will help the center be better prepared for its daily spread of diverse calls. Photo by Jason Prescott


SVI Trucks

Roswell, GA, Fire Rescue has received a technical heavy rescue built by SVI Trucks on a Sutphen Monarch cab and chassis. It has a 20-inch raised roof cab which is powered by a Cummins X12 500-hp engine and an Allison transmission. It has a 22-foot aluminum SVI body, an Onan PTO generator, a Command Light Knight 2 series light tower, dual Carefree Mirage lateral arm patio awnings, and a portable winch with 14 receivers. It also has On Scene Solutions transverse out-and-down cargo slides, and dual 6,000 psi bottles mated to a Resolve Space Saver fill station capable of filling two bottles at a time.



Sumter, SC, Fire Department received delivery of three Toyne pumpers. They are built on Spartan cabs and chassis powered by Cummins ISL9 380-hp engines and Allison 3000EVS transmissions. To fight fire, they have 1,250-gpm Hale QFlo pumps and 1,000-gallon UPF tanks.


Unruh Fire

The Henrieville, UT, Volunteer Fire Department has taken delivery of an Unruh Fire quick attack truck. It is built on a Ford F-550 cab and chassis powered by a Powerstroke V-8 diesel engine. It is equipped an 11-foot all-aluminum body with a 24-inch cross walk for easy firefighting access to either side of the apparatus, a 400-gallon tank with a 10-gallon foam cell, a Waterous PB18-2515F pump with an ATP Foam Flurry. It also has plenty of storage with two upper body boxes with roll up doors, as well as a rear storage area complete with slide-out poly box.   


U.S. Tanker Fire Apparatus

Farmland, IN, Volunteer Fire Department has taken delivery of a US Tanker stainless steel tanker. It is built on an International 4400 cab, powered by a Cummins L9, 350 hp engine and Allison transmission. To fight fire, it has a Hale AP 500-gpm, single-stage PTO pump with a 2,000-gallon water tank. Other features include a 10-inch electric Newton square dump system, Zico portable tank “Quick Lift System”, stainless steel plumbing, and Whelen LED warning lights.



Lake Assault Boats

The Secaucus, NJ, Fire Department has placed a 28-foot Lake Assault Boats vessel into service. The landing craft-style hull sports a hydraulically operated bow door with an integrated dive ladder. The boat is outfitted with a 1,500-gpm fire pump with deck and bow mounted monitors, a foam system, and LDH to support ground-based operations. Its draft is just 28 inches when the motor is trimmed up, an important consideration for the department.


MetalCraft Marine

Southern Marin, CA, Fire Protection District recently took delivery of their second MetalCraft Firestorm 36. The boat is larger than their previous 30-foot Firestorm, which the department had operated for the last 16 years and better suited for the very rough waters of San Francisco Bay. The boat has the Bay bridge as one of its major response areas and they regularly scan the bridge with their powerful SeaFLIR camera. The Cummins diesels power Hamilton water jets and it has a Darley pump and Elkhart Brass monitors.


ONE Boat

The Fairfax County, VA, Fire & Rescue Department has taken delivery of five custom ONE Boat 2000DSTT double-stack transport trailers with Warn VR 10,000-pound synthetic rope winch, telescoping ramps, two hinged motor mounts, LED running lights, six Whelen LED’s, tool box, and two 430HD inflatable boats with scuppers and Scuba/SCBA quick fill kits.



Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, Canada, is the location of a new vessel Stanley Aluminum Boats. The 26-foot search and rescue vessel is operated by the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary as SAR #538, a primary response unit. It is powered by twin Yamaha 150-hp outboard motors delivering speeds in the 45-mph range. The boat is designed to be an all-weather, multi-mission boat that handles and rides well in cold chop with wind gusts and rain. 


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