Automatic Battery Charger

KUSSMAUL ELECTRONICS has introduced the Auto Charge 40/20, a fully automatic battery charger for vehicles with a single battery system. The unit has a total output of 60 amps, a 40-amp battery charger and 20-amp battery saver (power supply). A bar graph display indicates the state of charge of the battery. The 20-amp, low-ripple battery saver powers an MDT, computer or other accessories. The battery saver automatically transfers these accessory loads from the battery and powers them from an internal power supply. There is no interruption of power supplied to the loads during power transfers.

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Tactical Knife

5.11 TACTICAL has partnered with STRIDER KNIVES to release the Strider/5.11 Strider Military Folder (SMF), a custom-designed tactical knife. As a limited-edition product, only 511 knives will be made. The knife is engineered with a titanium slab frame lock, glass epoxy laminate handle and rough peel surface for positive grip. One-of-a-kind features include a custom-made pivot pin, custom fasteners and a titanium handle with G10 scales. For durability and long-lasting performance, the knife incorporates CTS-B75P steel, an alloy that resists corrosion and wear, letting users more easily maintain a sharp edge for an extended period.

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Hose Reel

REELCRAFT INDUSTRIES INC. has introduced the HS37000 L hand-crank hose reel that holds 100 feet of one-inch hose and features the superior corrosion resistance of 304L-grade stainless steel. Also included are a stainless brake, welded drum and vibration-proof fasteners to ensure assembly integrity. The reel is rated at 500 psi and is designed for use in mobile equipment or truck-mount applications as well as marinas and chemical plants where corrosion resistance and sanitation are critical. Two motor-driven models are also available with a 12-volt DC explosion-proof motor or a 115-volt AC motor.

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