Foam Systems & Accessories

ACAF Systems

The next generation of foam firefighting is proven reliable in the most hazardous industrial environments.  Engineered to meet and exceed the most stringent firefighting industry standards, ACAF® Systems’ Compressed Air Foam Wheeled and Skid Mounted Extinguishers are available in 20- to 500-gallon configurations. Larger units are manufactured upon request.  Also available in Dual Agent CAF/Dry Chemical Hose configurations.  

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Task Force Tips

TFT’s compact PRO/pak foam injection and application system is the ideal choice for rapid vapor suppression with any Class A, AFFF or Alcohol Resistant foam concentrate. Offering nozzle choices for low or medium expansion finished foam, the PRO/pak operates at low inlet pressures, is easily flushed and provides injection ratios from 0.1% to 6%.  T

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When it comes to compressed air foam systems, nothing can match the ease of use of the ONE STEP™ CAFSystem by Waterous. The 150-OS incorporates a powerful integrated midship-mounted air compressor system and revolutionary compact foam generators to provide a reproducible homogenous, micro-cellular, continuous bubble stream. A characteristic of each ONE STEP™ CAFSystem is the pre-set flow rate and pre-set pressure for water and air. The operator does not have to adjust flows and pressures during operation.

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Scotty Firefighter

Scotty’s "Through-The-Pump" Foam Eductor and Mixer educts foam concentrate into hoselines through a pump’s suction and discharge sides, also known as an “Around-The-Pump” system.  It will educt concentrates at percentages of 0% to 3.75% at flow rates from 15 to 125 GPM at 100 PSI with a maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI. The system includes an 18- inch pressure hose and a 48-inch foam pick-up hose. 

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Training Props


The Attack from Bullex allows firefighters to easily conduct hands-on training in acquired structures, outdated burn towers - essentially anywhere live burns are not possible. The portable waterproof panel features thermal sensors, digital flames, smoke and sound effects that interact with any hoseline in your arsenal. The Attack enables instructors to run repeatable and variable evolutions, so your training is done when each firefighter has learned the skill, not when the fire is out of fuel.

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Accountability Software

Scott Safety

For a more automated, simpler way to manage accountability activities, Scott Safety developed Imperium Accountability Software. The easy-to-use software improves tactical and strategic event management, helps customers meet NIMS and their own standard compliance operating guidelines, and can provide accountability for any firefighter or emergency personnel on the fireground, not just Scott SCBA users. The intuitive tactical screen allows company officers or team leaders to see who is on-scene, log team assignments, manage ICS activities more efficiently, group teams and make updates on the go. When coupled with a Scott Safety Air-Pak enabled with SEMS II Personal Accountability System, real-time updates on air bottle level and PASS status are provided to Incident Command.

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