Industrial Fire Pump

WATEROUS has introduced the CRU2C21 pump, created with the industrial firefighting market in mind. Rated at 4,000 gpm at 100 psi with flow through rates up to 6,800 gpm, it is the highest NFPA-rated performance pump in the market. The pump is available for midship mounting on all industrial-style fire apparatus and direct mounting to diesel-powered units for skid-based systems or trailer units.

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Rechargeable USB

STREAMLIGHT has introduced the ClipMate USB, a rechargeable version of its ClipMate. The super-bright, multi-function clip-on light includes a built-in USB charge tab for cordless recharging. The light also features a flexible, PVC-coated cable “neck” to target the light beam where it is needed and an unbreakable pocket clip that permits easy attachment to clothing. It offers dual LEDs, including a white C4 LED that delivers 500 candela and 70 lumens on its high setting for 3½ hours, and 10 lumens, 50 candela and a run time of 24 hours on low. A push-button switch lets users cycle through the light’s low, high and off modes and change from the white to the red LED.

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Generator Skid System

HARRISON HYDRAULIC SOLUTIONS introduces the IHT-SKID system with LiveDrive 4x4 Plus for smaller fire apparatus. The system enables the end user to power many options on a very small truck, such as a generator, light tower, rescue tools, 150- or 250-gpm water pump, rescue tool reels, hose reels and electric reels; all on a single skid unit mounted on a Ford F-Series 4x4. Harrison has developed partnerships with Hale, Darley, Waterous, Holmatro, TNT, Genesis, ResQtec, Amkus, Boss and CMW to provide a fully customizable IHT-SKID system.

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