Featured Video: CET Fire Pumps Powerful, Portable Pumps

April 9, 2018
CET Fire Pumps, a family-owned North American company, provides solutions for non-hydrant scenarios where obtaining water from static water sources is your only option.

CET makes portable pumps, skid units, foam trailers, Glider Kits for flat-bed trucks, Brush Trucks water tanks and UTV/ATV units for firefighting in areas where there are no hydrants, or where regular fire apparatus can’t access the fire scene due to rough terrain, crowds of people, marinas etc. With 100+ years of experience making customized equipment we have the know-how to make you what you need – and to make it right. Contact us today to answer any questions or to locate an authorized dealer near you. www.fire-pump.com or 800-567-2719.