Photo Gallery: Vintage Images of FDNY in Action

Aug. 14, 2020
Firehouse was recently offered these vintage Paul Thayer photos of FDNY firefighters in action from the 1950s to the 1970s that provide a captivating look at the "war years" in New York City.

Paul Thayer was a fire buff and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who captured striking images of FDNY firefighters working in the Harlem neighborhood in upper Manhattan during what we now call the "war years" in New York City.

Along the way, he befriended firefighter Mike Higham, who came into possession of these photographs when Thayer's wife gave them to him upon Thayer's passing.

Higham recently reached out to Firehouse and graciously offered us use of these photos on our website as a testament to Thayer's amazing work and eye for detail, and to the dedication of the many firefighters depicted in the images.

We hope you enjoy this powerful trip down memory lane, and you can also view these images and read more about Paul Thayer at

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