Group Provides Support to Women Firefighters in Denver

May 23, 2023
The Women Firefighters of Denver group has addressed matters including pregnancy, mentoring and guided the purchase of better fitting new uniforms for women.

A group of women firefighters in Denver established a resource group to address questions and provide support.

Women comprise eight percent of the department and to advocate for matters such as maternity leave and mentorship, the department established Women Firefighters of Denver (WFFD) to bring these members together several years ago.

"We are few and far between in the department," WFFD president Elaine Higginbotham told CBS Colorado.

The group has addressed pregnancy, training techniques, and worked to outfit women firefighters with new uniforms.

"I see us expanding nationally in terms of what we can do to help facilitate women being successful not only in Denver but across the nation," WFFD co-founder Carly Helwick told the television station.

WFFD created a Tik Tok account to share encouraging videos to other women firefighters and those who may be interested in the career.