New Products 5/12

May 1, 2012

Fire Pump

W.S. DARLEY & CO. has introduced the PSD Silent Pak pump, which allows for a 1,500-gpm NFPA-rated pump without a pump transmission. After working with Chelsea and Allison, Darley received approval for a 1,500-gpm rating from Chelsea when using its Model 870XAFJP-B5XV with a 200% ratio and an Allison 3000EVS transmission. The needed engine speed is 2049 rpm, so it can be matched with most engines capable of producing at least 225 net horsepower. The pump is quiet because there is no transmission.

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Chemical Threat Detector

SMITHS DETECTION has unveiled the GUARDION, a chemical threat detector that combines high-resolution gas chromatography (GC) and a miniaturized toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer (MS) in a portable device. The device can confirm the presence and identity of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals in gases, vapors, liquids and solids. The unit is about the size of a small carry-on suitcase. It has a start-up time of five minutes and can analyze up to 30 samples on a single battery charge.

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Battery Charger

KUSSMAUL ELECTRONICS has introduced the Auto Charge 40 LPC, Model 091-200-12, a float charger that is fully automatic and designed in a rugged small size and low-profile package. The LPC series provides rapid replenishment of batteries with a clean, no-electronic-interference output. It is also available as a three-step charger. There are two indicator options – one is a standard single bar graph to display battery condition and the other is an optional deluxe indicator with one numerical display for voltage and one for current.

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Thermal Imaging Camera

DRAEGER has introduced the UCF 9000 high-resolution thermal imaging camera that is UL approved as intrinsically safe. An extended dynamic range makes it possible to clearly detect cool objects (such as people) next to extreme heat. The Scan Plus mode combines real and thermal images for enhanced detail to search for heat sources during overhaul. Other modes include a hazmat application that can help detect leaks and provides level indicators. A normal-color camera can be used to record video and sound for documentation and training purposes.

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Ventilation Fan

VENTRY SOLUTIONS INC. has introduced the gasoline-powered VENTRY Model 20GX160 fan for positive-pressure ventilation (PPV) and attack. This model is in the 20-inch size, but has a larger Honda GX160 motor rated at 4.8 hp. Output of the unit is 17,300 CFM. It weighs just 64 pounds and, with legs retracted, fits in a two-by-two-by two-foot compartment. Options include the Entry Point Safety Light, which wires directly into an alternator on specially equipped GX160 motors. The fan can come with Stair Skids and solid rubber or off-road pneumatic tires.

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Firefighting Pump

FORESTRY SUPPLIERS INC. has introduced the ATV firefighting pump. The exclusive design of the pump combines the simplicity of a manual pump with the convenience of an ATV sprayer system. The 25-gallon model has 15 feet of reinforced three-eighths-inch hose, an Indian Smokechaser Fedco pump and tank clips for easy storage and transportation. No power source is required.

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