New Deliveries 2 12/15

Dec. 1, 2015

The ATLANTIC CITY, NJ, AIRPORT FIRE DEPARTMENT has taken delivery of 2015 E-One Typhoon CAFS pumper. The unit will be in service with the 177th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. It features a five-occupant cab with a Cummins 450-hp ISL-9 engine and an Allison EVS3000 transmission. It also has a Darley PSM1250 single-stage pump, a 530-gallon UPF Poly Tank II water tank with a 30-gallon Class A foam cell and a 30-gallon Class B foam cell. It also has a Hypro Foam Pro system with a Waterous AutoSync compressed air foam system. Other features include a Kussmaul auto eject charging system, two EMS boxes in the cab, top-mount pump controls, Akron Apollo deck gun, an Onan 10,000-watt diesel-powered generator, ROM rollup doors, Fire Research Corp. scene lights, LED compartment lights, Hannay electric reel, Hurst extrication tools, Junkyard Dog struts, Federal Signal sire and FRC Evolution front brow light. Photo by Dennis C. Sharpe

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PERSHING COUNTY, NV, has taken delivery of three Midwest Fire side control tanker-pumpers built on 2016 Freightliner M2 112 chassis. The units feature 4,000-gallon APR polypropylene tanks, 1,000-gpm Darley LSP pumps, with side and rear 10-inch Newton dump valves, 4,000-gallon portable tanks on tip-down racks. It also has Whelen scene and warning lights, Elkhart Vulcan deck guns, electric front bumper discharges, and hose reels with 100-feet of 1-inch booster hose.

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STAFFORD TOWNSHIP VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY, Ocean County, NJ, has put in service a 2015 Pierce Arrow XT Mega PUC. The new apparatus is equipped with a four-door, six-seat climate-controlled cab, raised roof, full-height rear doors, 911 seats and an EMS box in-cab. It has a 500-hp Detroit DD13 Diesel engine, Allison 4000EVS automatic transmission, 1,500 gpm single-stage pump with Trident air prime and a UPF Poly tank III water tank. Other equipment includes a Harrison 20,000-watt generator, Kussmaul auto-eject, Husky foam system, LED compartment lighting, slide out tool trays, Stokes rescue basket, EMS equipment, Gortite roll-up doors, saws, fans, tarps, forcible entry tools, TFT deluge gun and under-body compartments. Photo by Dennis C. Sharpe

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