Michael Donahue

Owner and founder of Progressive Rescue, Mike Donahue is a 13-year veteran to the fire service. In those thirteen years Mike has experience as both a volunteer and federal firefighter and has been a career firefighter in the City of Elizabeth for the last 10 years, the last seven of which and currently working out of Rescue Company 1. Mike holds the title of Rescue Specialist with New Jersey's urban search and rescue team (NJ-TF1). You can find Mike actively teaching at Middlesex and Somerset Fire Academies as well as Middlesex County College as an Adjunct Professor and the Fire Science Program coordinator. He is actively involved in writing new course programs for the various organizations he teaches for. Mike has reviewed several text books for publishers such as Delmar and Jones & Bartlett. Mike has also co-written the new rope program for Jones & Bartlett and taught Rope Rescue Made Simple at Firehouse Expo 2010. Mike also is a monthly columnist for Firehouse.com covering the area of technical rescue. His teaching techniques and cutting edge style have gained the respect from many of his peers. Mike's passion, experience and desire to educate emergency service providers prove to be the driving force that has made him so successful. Progressive Rescue prides itself on providing the most cutting edge, diverse instructional programs available. We strive to provide your department with the most comprehensive, dynamic learning experience available at a truly competitive price. You can reach Mike by e-mail at [email protected]