Jeffrey D. Gaskin

Jeffrey D. Gaskin is president of Big Red Trucks Fire Apparatus Consultants. He is a retired captain from the Scarsdale, NY, Fire Department. Throughout his career, Gaskin has been involved in apparatus acquisitions, from needs assessment through specification-writing. He also is a fire apparatus mechanic and holds certifications from Allison Transmission, Detroit Diesel, Hale Pump, Smart Power, Spartan Chassis, Sutphen Fire Apparatus and others. Gaskin is certified by the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission in six areas: Fire Apparatus Inspection, Maintenance and Testing (F-1); Design and Performance Standards of Fire Apparatus (F-2); Fire Pumps and Accessories (F-3); Aerial Fire Apparatus (F-5); Allison Automatic Transmission (F-6); and Hydraulic Systems (F-8). He can be reached at [email protected].