Feb. 29, 2012

Brea, CA—After studying real-world applications of audio accessories, Pryme introduced several new inventions at IWCE, all built to hold up to the high demands of public safety,  security, industrial, or other heavy-duty usage. Pryme Radio takes pride in manufacturing all their products, along with the fact that they continually research ways to make them stronger and last longer.  But Pryme also credits its customers with providing crucial feedback that results in building better products.

Among Pryme’s latest innovations are their RINO® Super Rugged Cables.  Data shows that that 90% of equipment failures are due to cable breakages. 

Dave George, President of Pryme, said “We analyze returns every month to determine how we can improve our offerings.  We noticed that cables take a lot of abuse in the field.  So we began developing and testing new ways to reinforced cables using our specially calibrated bending machine.”

Typically used cables will fail after as little as 20,000 bends, leaving your mic unusable.  Even so, Pryme’s heavy-duty cables have always lasted for at least 50,000 bends.  Now Pryme’s new RINO® Super Rugged Cable can withstand as much as 200,000 bends.

The other weak link has always been radio connectors.  If your connector gets wet and fails, your radio, microphone, or other accessory will too. 

“No one has come up with a truly new type radio connector in 25 years,” said George. “We decided to create a fully molded model so that is 100% waterproof.  Our new HYDRA® technology is pending patent and will be on the market in thirty days.” 

While they were at it, Pryme designed the HYDRA® Radio Connector to be slimmer and less bulky, but with a larger knob for easy on and off.

Pryme also raised the bar on speaker microphone durability.   Pryme’s original Trooper® Mic has been their best selling product for years.  Although rugged and reliable, it was time to upgrade.  So Pryme developed two new models—The Trooper II® Weatherized Speaker Microphone for industrial use is better sealed to prevent dust and moisture from getting in; and the Storm Trooper®, their new rock sold speaker microphone, is fully submersible, meets all IP 67 standards, and has a handy Hi/Low volume switch. Both feature a noise-canceling microphone, which is imperative in almost any situation.

About Pryme

For over 20 years PRYME Radio Products has been a leading manufacturer of high quality products to professional users of two-way radios. PRYME is devoted to the professional two-way radio industry with a passion to create a better means of communication and a higher standard of reliability and comfort.

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