LEGO Masters Firefighting Team 'Built' on Friendship

Nov. 15, 2022
A pair of Calgary firefighters take the spotlight on the hit FOX TV show.

On the Nov. 16 episode of LEGO Masters on FOX, two Calgary, AB, Canada firefighters compete for the title of LEGO Masters and get a little, shall we say, carried away. In this clip from the show, provided by FOX, firefighter Stephen “Crash” Cassley carries host Will Arnett firefighter-style off of the set.

Cassley and his partner Stephen “Yoyo” Joo credit their fire service training as to why they work so well as a team on the show. Their quick thinking and problem solving skills are applauded by host and comedian Will Arnett, as well as judges, LEGO employees and Brickmasters, Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard. They have made it through 7 weeks of competition thus far, impressing the judges with their creativity while dressed in their firefighter uniforms every week!

The firefighting duo claim that their background has been a huge advantage during the competition. “One aspect of the show that I think we were better prepared for than most other contestants was the schedule of shooting an episode,” Cassley said. “Being under the gun for long durations, trying to maintain a clear head under a lot of pressure, and facing a set of different problems to tackle each build are some things that firefighters do very well. We are natural problem solvers accustomed to periods of heightened stress followed by short downtimes before diving back into the next problem to solve. Reality competition television is a lot like that, just without the life-or-death stakes to it.”

Joo added that the firefighter lifestyle they live afforded them a unique ability to calm themselves before the challenge, to properly prepare for the challenge, to work in acute stress in that moment, and then be able to decompress afterword and reset their internal stress levels.  

“The key to any challenge in life it the ability to approach it calmly and rationally,” Joo said.  “To give input to the final resolution and then walk away knowing you had positive impact.  I mean LEGO Masters was hardly an IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) environment, but I do feel whole-heartedly that the fire service gave us skills to be efficient in the LEGO Masters setting.”   

Proud to serve

The firefighters are having a great time on LEGO Masters and hope they are doing the fire service proud.

“It means the world to us knowing we brought a little joy and inspiration to those in emergency services,” Joo said. “Passion projects, like LEGO, are important to first responders who face intensely emotional days on duty.  The ability to focus on a hobby or healthy outlets gives our souls the balance that’s needed for mental wellbeing.”

Cassley summed up the experience so far with this story, “I had a senior firefighter give an amazing quote to a group of kindergartners once that I'll never forget that pertains to our LEGO obsessions. He asked the group, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ The kids all said in unison, ‘A FIREFIGHTER!’ He looked them all over and said as deadpan as ever, ‘Well kids, you can't do both.’ Ain't that the truth.”


The Nov. 16 challenge was to create a miniature golf hole. Cassley, who admits to not being much of a golfer, said there is “something about hitting a ball through a loop-the-loop or timing a windmill that makes me smile.”

The firefighting team built the iconic LEGO yellow castle, reminiscent of Joo’s first LEGO set.

“We went for a look of making it appear built by big LEGO bricks to really capture that feel of being a playable set and incorporated the set number in Roman numerals over the gate of the main castle,” Cassley said. “I think it stood out as a clean, colorful build that evoked a whimsical charm. I hope the people watching at home see that too.”

How did the firefighter’s fare? Tune in to FOX on Nov. 16 to find out.

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