New Products 12/11

Nov. 2, 2011

Mobile Tool Chest

PELICAN PRODUCTS INC. has introduced the 1460TOOL mobile tool chest, featuring a two-level, extra-deep, customizable tray system that lifts out of the case on reinforced stainless-steel brackets. The trays, with interchangeable dividers, accommodate a wide variety of configurations to protect and organize hand tools and accessories. When the case is closed, its lid and tray system form a seal that secures all parts inside so that the case can be flipped upside down and the contents will stay organized. The chest is engineered with an open cell-core wall, polymer construction that protects sensitive equipment from the harshest conditions.

Pre-Plan System

DIGITAL SANDBOX has introduced the Pre-Incident Fire Planner. The application lets users manage pre-incident fire plans using an intuitive wizard that allows for: online management of pre-fire plans that streamlines existing processes, making it easy to add information as needed and enabling easy deployment to small and large communities of users; integration with existing systems, including computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, automatic vehicle location (AVL), fire and other public safety information feeds; and one-click printing of formatted pre-fire plans for onboard storage on fire trucks and response vehicles. No hardware purchase or complex software installation is needed. The system is ready to be used from day one.

Thermal Imaging Camera

DRÄGER has introduced the UCF 7000 thermal imaging camera, offering a high level of safety and performance for firefighters and first responders. The technologically advanced camera was designed to aid personal navigation in the most challenging and dangerous environments and provide improved image quality in settings where visibility is limited. With a high-resolution 160x120 pixels, the camera provides responders with detailed images in any location that must be searched quickly and safely. It has three application-specific operating modes for firefighting, search and rescue, and overhaul to optimize image display and facilitate emergency situation assessment. The ThermalScan operating mode lets responders highlight a set temperature threshold when searching for hot spots.

Wireless Headsets

FIRECOM has announced the availability of the 50-Series rugged wireless headset communication systems for firefighters and emergency responders. The full-duplex, hands-free wireless radio headsets offer extended range up to 1,600 feet, secure and interference-free 1.9-GHz communications, 24-hour battery life with two-hour recharge, radio push-to-talk capability, selectable microphone squelch levels, IP65 rating for operation in wet environments and breakthroughs in extended wear comfort. The 50-Series wireless headsets continue to be completely wire-free, eliminating the risk of entanglement from a corded belt pack. The new headsets are completely compatible with existing Firecom systems and are available in under-helmet and over-headband configurations.

Foam Eductors

TASK FORCE TIPS INC. offers a new line of 250- and 350-gpm foam eductors specifically designed to handle the new thicker, alcohol-resistant foam concentrates (ARCs). The new 250 and 350 Foam Eductor series are specifically designed for 2½- and three-inch attack hoselines with high-flow applications. The eductors’ stainless-steel pickup tubes do not have a screen on its inlet, as screens, although good for the lighter Class A and AFFF foam concentrates, have the potential to block the uptake of the heavier, thicker alcohol-resistant concentrates. The eductors are key components in the PRO/pak portable foam system, although hidden from view by the system’s high-impact plastic reservoir case.

Protective Clothing

THEFIRESTORE.COM has introduced three redesigned Crew Boss Interface Coats for firefighters who must handle a wide range of interface operations. All three coats feature: full-cut urban interface design available in Advance, Nomex IIIA and FR Cotton fabrics; fully covered zipper front closure with brass zipper mounted on Nomex tape; caped shoulder design for freedom of movement; gusseted cuff with hook-and-loop closure for adjustment; radio pocket with microphone tab; unidirectional front cargo pockets with concealed hand warmers; large interior storage pocket and glove hanger tab; Nomex thread throughout; and optional soft FR cotton button-in liner for added warmth. The coats are ISO 9001 registered and certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL).


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