2D Dummies Launches Rescue Manikins Designed for UAS Training

Feb. 9, 2023
The two-dimensional rescue manikins offer a more practical, cost-effective, and convenient way to train Unmanned Aerial Systems rescue teams.

Naples, FL - 2D Dummies, a leading provider of innovative public safety training solutions, announces the launch of their two-dimensional rescue manikins designed specifically for UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) training. The company's mission is to make rescue training more realistic and accessible to public safety organizations worldwide.

With their innovative products, 2D Dummies is revolutionizing the way public safety organizations train their teams to respond to emergencies. The two-dimensional rescue manikins offer a more practical, cost-effective, and convenient way to train rescue teams compared to traditional training methods.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of 2D Dummies' products:

• Realistic Training Experience: The two-dimensional manikins mimic real-life rescue scenarios, providing a more realistic training experience for public safety organizations.

• Cost-Effective: The two-dimensional manikins are more cost-effective than traditional three-dimensional manikins, making it easier for organizations to provide high-quality training to their teams.

• Convenient: The two-dimensional manikins are easy to transport and store, making it more convenient for organizations to train their teams at different locations.

• Versatile: The two-dimensional manikins can be used in a variety of training scenarios, including urban search and rescue, disaster response, and much more.

• Improves Efficiency: The two-dimensional manikins allow teams to practice and hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment, improving their efficiency in real-life emergencies.

"We are thrilled to introduce our two-dimensional rescue manikins to the public safety community," said Roger Hall, creator and owner of 2D Dummies. "We believe that our innovative products will help make rescue training more accessible and effective, ultimately improving the readiness of public safety organizations to respond to emergencies."

For more information about 2D Dummies and their innovative products, please visit their website at https://2ddummies.com or contact Roger Hall at [email protected] or 833-656-9332.

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