Phoenix Firefighter Shocked by Downed Power Line at Blaze

Aug. 18, 2020
Crews were battling a transformer fire at a south Phoenix junkyard when a power line fell into a puddle and shocked a firefighter, who was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

A Phoenix firefighter was taken to the hospital after he was shocked by a downed power line while battling a transformer blaze at a junkyard Monday.

Crews responded to the fire at a waste disposal yard in south Phoenix at about 8 p.m., KPHO-TV reports. Heavy winds from a powerful storm system had kicked up dust and knocked down power lines at the scene, which was also wet from rainfall.

One power line fell into a large puddle, which carried electric current from the line and shocked a firefighter. The jolt caused the firefighter to pass out, but he regained consciousness and was able to walk to an ambulance, officials told KPHO.

The firefighter was taken to hospital for evaluation. He was in stable condition.