Product Showcase: Specialized Rescue Tools, Equipment & Supplies

Sept. 1, 2014

Footage Rescue Products

Footage Rescue Products manufactures the AutoStrut vehicle stabilization system. The AutoStrut system is the fastest and most secure vehicle stabilization system in the industry. This system was developed by firefighters for firefighters. The AutoStrut was developed with three main goals in mind. 1. Quick and easy to transport to the scene. 2. Quick and easy to deploy. 3. Quick and easy to place back in service.

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OnScene Solutions

The Wellz Tool from OnScene Solutions allows for simple, efficient forcible entry when used in conjunction with a Halligan bar. Small enough to carry in your pocket, this CNC machined and hardened steel tool works equally well for many applications including: forcing doors; hinge blocking; doorstop; gas meter shut-off; vehicle trim removal; and glass breaching.

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Weddle Tool Company “Whacker” Tool

The Whacker Tool from Weddle Tool Company is a one-person forcible-entry tool designed for use in multiple breaching applications. The Whacker incorporates a 4½-pound solid bronze slide hammer to maximize safe and effective use of the tool. It can be used to breach inward- and outward-opening doors, windows, padlocks and automotive glass.

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