CA Crews Free Naked Woman Wedged Between Buildings

July 14, 2021
Orange County Fire Authority firefighters needed to cut through a concrete wall to reach a woman who was trapped in an 8-inch space between two buildings in Santa Ana.

California firefighters rescued a naked woman who had become stuck between two buildings Tuesday.

Orange County Fire Authority crews responded to a call concerning a trapped person just after 2 p.m. in an area of Santa Ana, KTLA-TV reports. Employees at surrounding businesses had heard a woman yelling for help but were unsure where the cries were coming from.

“That’s a mystery to all of us here right now,” Fire Capt. Thahn Nguyen said.

Eventually, the woman was discovered in an 8-inch wide space between two building walls. It's not clear how the woman ended up trapped in such a small space.

Firefighters couldn't initially reach the woman, so they drilled a hole in the wall and inserted a camera to assess the situation. They then were able to cut out a hole in the concrete wall and pulled her out.

The rescue took two and a half hours, and it's not clear if the woman was injured. She had been alert and talking with firefighters during the operation.