Sample Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines for the 2007 Fire and EMS Safety Stand Down

May 27, 2007
To help prepare for the 2007 Firefighter and EMS Safety Stand Down, offers more than three dozen SOPs and SOGs from around the country, that can be easily adapted by your department, based on your agencies needs and resources.

Resources for Creating your own SOPs/SOGs

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Training & Education Resources for the 2007 Firefighter and EMS Safety Stand Down For William Jeneway's article Safety 101 - Lesson 14: Developing standard operating guidelines, click here. Click here for the VFIS article "Developing Procedures For Emergency Vehicle Response" Click here for the Guide to Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures for Fire & EMS Departments by FEMA IAFC Safety Stand Down Resource Section

Click here if you would like to submit your department's SOPs or SOGs to for publication. Your department's guidelines could be what another department is looking for!

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