Clean Cab Project

Sept. 3, 2019
Firehouse proudly presents this guide to help you minimize your exposure to dangerous contaminants.

Firehouse is proud to share with you a special Clean Cab supplement. Authors Pete Matthews, Brian Brown and Ed Ballam detail health concerns surrounding contaminated gear and how to keep carcinogens out of the apparatus cabs. Firehouse Editor-in-Chief Peter Matthews introduces the Clean Cab supplement and shares updates on the clean cab movement. Meanwhile, Brian Brown reports that health concerns about contaminated gear are driving the movement of the clean cab concept. Ed Ballam details how the mission to keep carcinogens out of apparatus cabs is deeply personal for one Florida fire department. We've even included eight ways to keep the cab interior clean.

The supplement also features messages from partnering organizations—3M Scott, 911 Seats Inc., Decon7 Systems, LLC, Spartan Motors, Ward Diesel Filter Systems and Ziamatic Corporation—highlighting their clean cab efforts.

You can find the Clean Cab supplement here.

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