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Oct. 1, 2014

Thermal Night Vision System

FLIR SYSTEMS has introduced the PathFindIR II thermal night vision system. Using FLIR’s latest nighttime video analytics algorithms, the system provides automated detection to let drivers see pedestrians, cyclists, animals and other road hazards at night from up to four times farther away than with just the vehicle’s headlights. Made in cooperation with technology partner Autoliv, the system can be configured to automatically alert drivers when the system detects a person nearing or crossing the vehicle’s path. For first responders, installing the system in fire apparatus and other emergency vehicles lets operators see through smoke, find victims at night and guide hoses onto fires in all conditions.

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Container Storage

ZIAMATIC CORP. (ZICO) has introduced two additions to its container storage lineup: the QUIC-MOUNT Premixed Gallon Holder, Model QM-PMH-G, and the QUIC-MOUNT Double Premix Holder, Model QM-PMH-D. The Premixed Gallon Holder secures rectangular cans up to one gallon. The Double Premix Holder secures two 32-ounce cans within a single bracket, serving as an economical alternative to purchasing two separate holders when mounting multiple smaller cans inside the apparatus. The holders are made with heavy-duty steel and aluminum and are powder-coated yellow for maximum durability and can protection. The brackets mount to nearly any flat surface.

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Firefighter Glove

HONEYWELL FIRST RESPONDER PRODUCTS has introduced the Honeywell TMAX structural glove, offering exceptional thermal protection plus a blend of materials that provides excellent dexterity and a comfortable feel. The glove’s goatskin palm and cowhide thumb and fingers offer excellent grip when working with hoses and ropes. It also incorporates the Pyrotect moisture barrier for increased breathability. The glove exceeds the industry minimum TPP requirement by showing a >60 rating during testing, which results in enhanced protection without sacrificing dexterity.

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