New Guardian Angel Elite Series Offers Advanced Personal Lighting Features

May 26, 2020
The Guardian Angel Elite Series features a new emergency flash pattern, a brighter LED and a superpowered battery.

MILWAUKEE (May 26, 2020) — The Guardian Angel™ Elite Series wearable lights are known for breaking boundaries in lighting technology — but even after redefining what’s possible within the personal safety lighting industry, they’ve taken it up another level. The company tapped its users to direct a new round of innovations that dramatically revamped their leading Elite Series line. The improved devices will be available for purchase in June.

The Guardian Angel™ was one of the first wearable safety lights on the market, and when the sleeker, brighter Elite Series launched in 2018, it quickly became a must-have tool in essential industries like law enforcement and security, military, fire and EMS, towing, construction, utilities, and more.  

“The Guardian Angel has always been groundbreaking because we approach it with purpose, working backward to design the optimal life-saving tool,” said Chadwick Keller, CEO of Guardian Angel Devices. “We continually revolutionize the technology by addressing practical needs, but now that we’re a global leader, we can tap a whole fleet of experts across industries to channel our ingenuity.” 

The new enhancements include: 

  • Superpowered battery - Not only does the battery charge at double the speed, once it’s powered up it runs up to 20% longer. Upgrading to a Type-C charging connector reduced the dead-to-full charging time to less than 2 hours, while also making it easier to plug in. Users can also now track the improved battery life with an indicator light bar.
  • Tether attachment - In addition to the versatile magnetic mount and heavy-duty clip, the devices now have a small built-in hinge to attach a tether. (This feature can also be added to legacy devices without the tether hinge.) 
  • New emergency flash patterns - The lights can now flash in an SOS pattern strobe to beam a universal help signal up to 3 miles with a simple push of a button.  
  • Brighter LEDs - The LEDs, which were already visible for up to 3 miles, are now powerful enough to reach 3-8 times that brightness, depending on the color. To maintain the brightness control but accommodate the bold new beams, the illumination can now be cranked up to an additional 4th setting - Max.  
  • Improved mechanics - To adapt the larger battery and more powerful LEDs for the same sleek size, the interior includes advancements like an internal heatsink on the PCB board, which moderates the device’s temperature so the outside remains cool even while the LEDs are on the brightest setting for extended periods of time.  

Guardian Angel devices are available for purchase through specialty dealers throughout the United States and abroad as well as directly through the website

About Guardian Angel 

Guardian Angel designs, manufactures and distributes premium wearable safety lights with the belief that personal safety can and will make the world a safer place. Every feature of the Elite Series was designed and developed with performance, safety, comfort and utility in mind. The primary industries Guardian Angel serves are law enforcement, first responders, construction and towing, amongst many others. For more information about Guardian Angel Devices visit

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