Featured Video: BrinkAlert Fire Station Safety Lights

Dec. 8, 2023
Gil Valentin from BrinkAlert shares how their innovation illuminated LED lights are helping fire departments prevent injuries and damage.

In response to firefighter injuries and damage to both fire stations and apparatus, BrinkAlert introduced the LED-Illuminated Door Safety Kit to help driver's prevent collisions.

First introduced for warehouses, the illuminated LED lights indicate when a door is closed, opening and fully open, allowing apparatus operators to safely exit the station without causing expensive damage to the vehicles and overhead doors.

Firehouse's Peter Matthews talked with Gil Valentin, vice president of sales and marketing, from BrinkAlert to learn more their innovation and fire departments are using it to prevent injuries and damage.

Find out how this technology from BrinkAlert can be implemented in your fire station, whether an existing facility or a new station in the planning process.