In Quarters: Truckee Meadows, NV, FPD Station #35

Jan. 24, 2017
Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District Station #35 was built to consolidate two existing emergency facilities.

This station received a Career Notable award in Firehouse's 2016 Station Design Awards. Find the full list of winners here.

The new Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District Station #35 serves the far western district of Reno. It consolidates two existing emergency facilities and offers a central point of response for the growing community. The project demanded an expedited design and construction phase to address an immediate change in local response coverage and jurisdictional responsibilities. Station #35 is sited to take advantage of existing landscaping that remains from a vintage ranch, and is set between existing cedar and apple trees with sierra granite outcroppings.

The 6,965-sq.-ft. facility responds to the high desert context with materials that are resilient and accentuate the warm color palette and texture of the typically dry surroundings. Masonry construction provides durability and serves a critical purpose in an area prone to wildfires while also allowing for an expeditious and effective construction timeline. Corrugated metal and reclaimed wood are integrated as rain screen elements at public gathering spaces. The combination of materials recall previous long-standing ranch structures that once characterized the Washoe Valley. Collectively, this design provided a cost-conscious solution without losing an expressive formal presence.

Functionally, four firefighters per shift are housed with a mix of activity and relaxation zones, providing opportunities for staff members to decompress and rejuvenate is important to the overall resiliency of the crew. Amenities include an exercise and training room, dayroom, kitchen with access to an exterior covered patio, and an exterior seating area within an existing fruit orchard.

While not seeking LEED Certification, environmentally responsible techniques were employed for the building and site, resulting in significantly reduced energy consumption when compared to similar buildings on a per-square-foot assessment.

Architect: TSK Architects

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