In Quarters: Harris County, TX, ESD 9 Station No. 2

Dec. 24, 2018
The Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department's Station No. 2 is part of a project that includes the simultaneous design and construction of four new fire facilities in Harris County.

This facility received a Volunteer/Combination Silver Award in Firehouse's 2018 Station Design Awards. Find the full list of winners here.

Fire Station No. 2 is part of an overall project that included the simultaneous design and construction of four separate new fire facilities. Station 2 shares the same floor plan as one of the other four stations, but the exterior design is vastly different to reflect the preferences of the department and to complement the local surrounding environment.

The site design allows for ample public and department parking, which are separated by proximity-sensor controlled security fence and gates. The layout also provides apparatus circulation to four double-deep drive-through bays, which are equipped with high-speed bi-fold doors.

The bay itself features a fully automated and hose-free exhaust removal system to remove carcinogens and other harmful gases. The ventilation is aided by large louvers over each bay door equipped with powerful exhaust fans. Additionally, high-volume low-speed fans encourage air-flow to the exhaust systems and improve the thermal comfort against the region’s humid climate. Another feature of the NFPA 1581-compliant design is the location of the ice-maker within a climate-controlled, non-carcinogenic room.

Mezzanine space in the bay is utilized for additional storage, as well as for mechanical/electrical room space. Other ancillary functions off the bay include double-locked EMS storage equipped with stainless-steel surfaces, as well as a “wet” room utilized for post-call decontamination and the extractor for firefighter gear. The PPE room features direct exhaust and a negative air-pressure design, which further aids in the health-promoting measures considered in the facility’s design.

The living side of the station features a community-accessible multi-purpose training room, access control, and efficient access from dorm areas to the apparatus bay. The dayroom, kitchen and dining areas are open-concept and provide space for report writing. Interior finish materials are durable and anti-microbial, including the polished/stained concrete floors utilized throughout the living area.

Architect/Firm Name: Martinez Architects.

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