UL FSRI Fire Safety Academy: Where Science Meets the Street

UL FSRI's Fire Safety Academy is a new online learning management system equipped with numerous training courses designed for real-world application.

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As the fire environment continues to evolve and increase challenges for the fire service, training is more important than ever before. Everything about firefighting is science. It is so much more than just applying water, breaking windows, and rescuing people. The more that the fire service can learn about fire dynamics and how their tactics impact the fire, the more effective their tactical decisions will become. This can enable them to solve the fire problem safer and more efficiently, which in the end can save more lives.

At the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI), we conduct research with the fire service and other agencies in order to develop cutting-edge, practical fire service training aimed at increasing firefighter knowledge to reduce injuries and deaths in the fire service as well as in communities they serve. We recognize that unless this scientific research makes it to the street and is utilized by the fire service and has an impact, we are wasting our time. With that in mind, we have developed the UL FSRI Fire Safety Academy, a new online learning management system equipped with numerous training courses designed for real-world application. Topics include fire dynamics, firefighting tactics, firefighter health, and more.

UL FSRI Fire Safety Academy from UL FSRI on Vimeo.

For the firefighter:

The UL FSRI Fire Safety Academy allows firefighters to access science-based training when it’s convenient for them, at no cost. Users can log in to their personal profile anywhere with an internet connection. With the tracking feature, logging training hours will be easier than ever, and users can even pick up where they left off if they need to exit a course to leave for a call. Once a course is complete, completion certificates and transcripts can be downloaded and printed.

For the training officer:

Training officers can create a Power User profile that will allow them to assign courses, track their members’ progress, and access departmental data and training statistics. These online courses provide information that can also build a solid foundation for practical in-service drills. Tactical considerations from the research studies serve as great starting points to discuss the “why” behind certain actions taken on the fireground.

For the training academy:

For the first time, UL FSRI courses will be tied to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Professional Qualification Standards. Our Instructional Design team has correlated course objectives with NFPA JPRs making it easier than ever to integrate the science-based courses into certified training. With built-in assessments, students will be able to reinforce and validate what they have learned. Instructors can utilize the Power User profile to assign courses as homework or use as classroom activities and track progress.

Access the Fire Safety Academy online to learn something new today.

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