Delivery: Southington, CT, Mid-Mount Aerial Platform

March 18, 2024
The Southington Fire Department worked with Sutphen to build this 100-foot aerial platform with a pump and tank.

The Southington, CT, Fire Department worked with Sutphen to build this 100-foot mid-mount aerial platform

The SPH-100 rig is built on Sutphen's Monarch heavy-duty chassis with a 73-inch extended, five-person cab. There is an 18-inch Extreme-Duty steel bumper.

It is powered by a 600-hp Cummins X15 engine, Allison Gen 5 EVS4000 transmission and 420-amp Leece Neville alternator.

Fire suppression includes a Hale Qmax 2,000-gpm pump, a 440-gallon water tank and eight discharges.

The bucket has a 1,250-gpm TFT Monsoon remote control nozzle and a 2,000-gpm TFT Monsoon manual nozzle.

The SPH-3 body contains 280 cu ft. total compartment space and has a mix of hinged and roll-up compartment doors. It carries six Duo-Safety ladders, a 150-foot electric cord reel and Smart Power 6kw ER hydraulic generator. 

Warning equipment includes a Whelen Freedom IV 72-inch lightbar, Whelen M7 Warning Light, Whelen MINI Freedom IV Light Bar and a Federal Signal Q2B Siren. It also has FireTech a 3-piece 12V brow light and12V FireTech aerial spotlights.

It has a FRC ACT 3-Station intercom system and Voyager 3 camera system.

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