Report: Cincinnati Pumper Self-Assigned to Fire Before Rollover

May 14, 2024
A report obtained by a television station indicated the Cincinnati firefighters assigned themselves to the run before the rig crash.

Cincinnati officials released dash cam video from a city bus that showed the rollover wreck of a pumper last month.

Engine 24 was responding to a fire that, according to records obtained by, that they were not on the initial response but notes that they self-assigned to the call.

The video was captured by cameras on the Metro bus showing the pumper going through the intersection before it did a 180-degree turn, and rolled over.

Records indicated that the rig was traveling at 55 mph, slowing down to 47 mph just before the crash. According to the report, the speed limit was posted at 35 mph.

The video shows the driver pulling up to the crash rig, and checking on the welfare of the firefighters. The firefighters were injured but none were serious.

"I saw when he lost it. He's going too fast around that vehicle," the bus driver was captured on video as saying.

"Citizen and firefighter safety remains our top priority, and while the incident involving our fire engine is under investigation, rest assured that every measure is being taken to determine the cause. Once the investigation is complete, we will take the corrective actions required to ensure these types of accidents do not occur in the future," Chief Frank McKinley said after the crash.

The year-old pumper sustained extensive damage, officials said. 


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