Resumes Are Not A Substitute!

Jan. 2, 2003
If they don't accept resumes, then how are they going to know what I did?
If it doesn't come out of your mouth, you will not get credit!


If they don't accept resumes, then how are they going to know what I did? Will I somehow have to work all that information in the oral? And if so how and where?

Thank you- a confused wannabe


One of the major error's candidate's make is thinking that because I have listed experience and credentials on my application and resume, I don't have to cover everything or go into depth. This is a big ERROR! You have to tell them. Understand if it doesn't come out of your mouth, you will never get credit! I can't tell you how many times we saw some great stuff on a resume and said, "Let's see if the candidate tells us about this?" Many did not.

Yes, you have to work all that information into your oral. You have to be ready to make your presentation before you walk into the room. Many candidates think some kind of magic is going to happen during the oral board. "Magic is where preparation meets opportunity." It is not a difficult task. Most candidates complicate this process.

I suggest you start working up your answers so when the notice comes you don't want to go below and fall on your sword.


Captain Bob,

Just wanted to say thank you for your Entry Level tape program, they helped immensely. I had a long drive for my interview, so I listened to them on the way up. I have to tell you because of your tapes, I felt more prepared for the interview than any other interview I have had in the past . . .so again thank you very much. see ya

Robert So. Cal.

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